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SpeakWrite International English Institute is the newest iTTi School of English franchise to the growing International chain of iTTi Institutes world-wide.

The Past
SpeakWrite has been teaching English to students throughout Peru since 2012. Once having over 1400 students before the COVID-19 quarantine, Speakwrite Center of Language proficiency had to close its doors in March 2020 as a result of COVID-19.

The Future is here!
However, we are excited to announce that the former Director of SpeakWrite Center of Language Proficiency has opened a new institute Speakwrite International English Institute, and we now provide even greater certification and quality assurance.

SpeakWrite is joining forces with the World-Renowned iTTi School of English and will be doing business as SPEAKWRITE – iTTi SCHOOL OF ENGLISH. As a result, Speakwrite is now able to provide an International certification for all levels of English from A1 to C2.  

What does this mean?  In addition to the beautiful Institutional English certificate from SpeakWrite that has been recognized for years by the Ministry of Education in Peru and major Universities and Educational Institutes, your English can be certified in the United States and/or England with an official Certificate signed and sealed by iTTi’s main office in New York, NY USA.

Quality of Teaching
Speakwrite will continue to provide the highest quality of teaching by bringing in the best of the best teachers. SPEAKWRITE – iTTi SCHOOL OF ENGLISH currently has four TEFL Certified teachers. Our future teachers will be TEFL/TESOL certified through iTTi’s internationally recognized and certified Program to become English Teachers. Sure, the world is full of teachers but being a teacher doesn’t guarantee that one can teach English.
An iTTi certified teacher is an internationally certified English teacher qualified to work anywhere in the world. This level of teaching quality is what is making the iTTi School of English certificate recognized by more and more universities around the world.

Our certification will soon be in the same conversation as IELTS and Cambridge exams.

SpeakWrite is combining the power of the SpeakWrite live classroom technology with the accredited courses provided by iTTi School of English via its 

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Platform that is monitored by EALTA (The European Association for Language Testing and Assessment) as part of the course accreditation partnership.

Since becoming an iTTi School of English, SpeakWrite went from 17 students to nearly 50 in less than a month. We have students from:

• Peru

• Bermuda

• Columbia

• Venezuela

• Japan

• Madagascar

• Italy

• England

• Holland

• Spain

• Germany

• Canada

• Mexico

• Even USA

We are receiving so much interest globally that we are proud to announce that SpeakWrite will be opening physical offices in England, Canada, Italy, and even the US in 2021. All offices will be under the direct supervision of SPEAKWRITE International English Institute-iTTi School of English.

Employment Opportunities
There are literally hundreds of thousands of well-educated Americans that are without a job. SpeakWrite is currently involved in a recruiting process by offering qualified Americans to become iTTi School of English Teachers and be able to work from home teaching English to students all over the world.

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The CEO/Founder of SpeakWrite International English Institute
SR. Stephen Bucholtz took over in 2011 as the Director of University of Technology-Arequipa Language Center. In 2012, he changed the name of the Institute to SpeakWrite Center for Language Proficiency. In 2013  he changed and redesigned the English system and, as a  result, grew the Institute from under 100 students to 

over 1400 students.   Since 2012 he has taught over 2,000 students and certified over 1,800 students at all levels of English.  

A specialist in TOEFL Preparation, Sr. Bucholtz has prepared over 500 students since 2012 and has over 300 students who have achieved 100 or higher on their TOEFL exam.  His program has gained international notoriety as he has TOEFL students from Holland, Italy, Peru, and the US.

Now as the CEO/Founder of the new SpeakWrite International Institute, he is expanding SpeakWrite across the globe. 

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