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Looking at over 20 years of successfully training prospective English teachers, our group of iTTi TEFL Schools has added another invaluable service to the world of teaching and learning English. Welcome.  You have reached the page of iTTi School of English, an organization that as a matter of fact can help you in many ways.   

Firstly and foremost, we teach English from the beginner level to fluency.  We do that in a short time due to our immersive method.  Whether it’s General, Academic, or Business English, iTTi School of English can do it for you.  We even feature preparation classes for the IELTS or the TOEFL.

If you want to take a shortcut, our English test will quickly certify you for a certain level.  Just like the IELTS from the British Council or the TOEFL from ETS, our test features the same components as both tests do. Our testing service is absolutely compatible with both tests that these organizations feature. The difference lies in the test fees and our end users. Our school will provide you with a beautiful, internationally recognized certificate.   

If you are a school owner or an English teacher, you may even start your own English school.  You will receive a turnkey operation with all the English classes of the individual levels prepared.   An LMS with your own platform bearing your school name rounds up this complete package.  All it takes is to get started. 

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Online English course - Earn your Visa!
Earn your Visa!
Study at an American university.
Study at an American university.
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Travel the world speaking English.
Online English course
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Learn English with the iTTi English School online English course, from basic to advanced level, including preparation for IELTS and TOEFL  

Course English Online
Course English Online

iTTi SoE

How many online or face-to-face English courses did you start and not finish because you couldn't feel your progress or ran out of time? iTTi works with your Youagora system with courses that adapt to your difficulties, identifying areas of weakness according to your progress.


The platform is accessible via the computer, tablet, or even your cell phone. Our personalized mobile app gives our students the flexibility to take their classes whenever and wherever they want.

platform SoE Youagora

How it works

Click on the “ENROLL ME” button, fill out the form and make the payment. Upon receipt of payment, we will send you a confirmation of payment by email and an invitation to access the platform. Having access to the iTTi SoE online English course, choose the one that best suits your needs and click on the green “START” button.


Upon completion of any iTTi SoE English course online, students may take the proficiency test representing the level: Introduction – Level A1, Level A2, Level B1, Level B2, Level C1, or Level C2. iTTi will then issue the corresponding proficiency batch/certificate.

Course English Online
Course English Online

Looking Forward - Introduction

  • A1 proficiency test available
  • iTTi SoE Beginner Course Syllabus

    Looking Forward – Level 1

  • A2 proficiency test available
  • iTTi Soe Course Syllabus – Level 1

    iTTi Soe Online English course Syllabus - Level 1
    Course Syllabus

    Looking Forward – Level 2

  • B1 proficiency test available
  • iTTi Soe Course Syllabus – Level 2

    iTTi Soe Online English course Syllabus - Level 2

    Looking Forward – Level 3

  • B2 proficiency test available
  • iTTi Soe Course Syllabus – Level 3

    iTTi Soe Online English course Syllabus - Level 3


    Looking Forward – Level 4

  • C1 proficiency test available
  • iTTi Soe Course Syllabus – Level 4

    iTTi Soe Online English course Syllabus - Level 4
    Course Syllabus


    Looking Forward – Advanced

  • C2 proficiency test available
  • iTTi Soe Course Syllabus - Advanced

    iTTi Soe Online English course Syllabus - Level 5
    Course Syllabus

    Placement Test

    Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT

    iTTi Soe Course Syllabus

    Preparation Course for the IELTS

    iTTi Soe Course Syllabus
    alt="Test your English|Free"

    Test your English Free!

    Assess your English language skills and find out your level.
    The test is quick, free, and you can take it from anywhere


    Course English Online
    Course English Online

    Testing, Assessing, and Teaching

    If we hear the word test in any classroom setting, our thoughts are not likely to be positive, pleasant, or affirming.  The anticipation of a test is almost always accompanied by feelings of anxiety and self-doubt—along with a fervent hope that you will come out of it alive.  Tests seem as unavoidable as tomorrow’s sunrise in virtually every kind of educational setting.

    Recent years have seen a rapid increase of computer-based tests—some are small-scale others are standardized, larger-scale tests that involve thousands of test takers.  If everyone however is afraid of taking the tests, why has mankind not invented something more pleasant?  Assessments are useful in many ways:

    • They serve as milestones of student progress. As such, they can become motivating in the learning process.
    • Assessments add additional practice to a program and are useful.
    • Teachers can identify areas of strength and pinpoint areas of weakness that need further work.
    • Assessments can spur learners to set goals for themselves.
    • Assessments can aid in evaluating teaching effectiveness.

    As a result, we have created our testing division that places emphasis on this all-important teaching tool.  Not only do we offer level testing from A1 to C2, our organization also offers the iTTi Proficiency Test, an equivalent to the TOEFL iBT. 

    In order to evaluate what test you can take (A1-C2), test candidates take a free test to get prequalified.  After that, they take the actual test and receive their results documented.

    We invite you to become our authorized test center.  Not only will you have our test products available for your use, but you’ll also get an iTTi Test Examiner training.  Join us, put your organization on our map and start earning through testing. 

    Course English Online
    Course English Online


    Become an iTTi SoE Assessment Center

    Learn about business and partnership opportunities with the world’s largest providers of EFL instruction and English proficiency testing. iTTi’s initial core business consisted of worldwide accredited training programs for English teachers and referring them to the English programs around the world.  As most of our worldwide partners run their teacher training in their own English schools, iTTi added another in-demand business: teaching English and testing for it.  

    Course English Online
    Course English Online


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    Course English Online
    Course English Online