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Learn about business and partnership opportunities with the world’s largest providers of EFL instruction and English proficiency testing. iTTi’s initial core business consisted of worldwide accredited training programs for English teachers and referring them to the English programs around the world.  As most of our worldwide partners run their teacher training in their own English schools, iTTi added another in-demand business: teaching English and testing for it.  

Over the years, iTTi has developed its own English program of which all classes are prepared for the teacher. This turnkey, six-level English program is situated on a modern LMS (Learning Management System) as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. iTTi School of English was born and responded to the sudden changes in the world.  While overseas partners can run those English classes on site, classes in areas that are deeply affected by the pandemic can be conducted online.    

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Our Licensing Business Program has developed a vast network of contacts over the years that have greatly contributed to our success. Our ever-increasing cooperation with EFL-training providers and recruiters in many cities around the world are a great benefit even for our graduates.  And we can help our TEFL graduates open up their own iTTi English School on our platform almost overnight.

And finally, we are interested in building strong partnerships around the world to mutually benefit both our organizations:  growing their English schools beyond expectations and increasing our network of iTTi Schools of English. Whether you provide English language training, work in the hospitality industry, or transact local or global business, we will be glad to consider working with you. 

TEFL teaching and training is a massive global industry that continues to grow year upon after year.

Whether the global economy is booming or in recession, the TEFL market remains strong. Quite simply, there is always a global demand to learn and teach English! This fact ensures a secure investment for anyone wanting to start a business in TEFL, with expansive opportunities for growth and development into a long and secure future.

International TEFL Training Institute is a worldwide accredited TEFL (TESOL) training organization helping people become certified to teach English globally. If you are interested in a business opportunity with iTTi, such as obtaining a license to conduct TEFL certification courses in your community, or you possess other business ideas relevant to the services we provide, we will be happy to consider your proposal. International TEFL Training Institute offers interested parties a great business opportunity with immediate return on investment. Run accredited TEFL/TESOL courses at your location. With insignificant startup cost, you will be able to earn money with the very first TEFL course. Our menu of services for our business partners contain management consulting, and marketing training performed by highly qualified, professional staff. 

Course English Online
Course English Online

Become Our Licensed Partner

Join an established network! Partner with iTTi and benefit from 35 years of proven success. iTTi is celebrating 35 years in business this year. During this time, we have gained an excellent reputation in the industry. Although we currently have partners in quite a number of locations worldwide, we are still looking to expand our License Business Program.

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Benefits of Partnering with

University Relations

iTTi School of English works with countless universities around the globe under our Credit Transfer Program (Waiver). The credit transfer occurs by iTTi forwarding detailed transcripts for our six-level English program.   If the student has taken all his English courses with our school (an official U.S. business), colleges in the U.S. may accept the student without the TOEFL or have him/her just submit the SAT results to be admitted. The SAT is a college-admission test.  Every U.S. high school student must complete it before applying to college.  The test results often determine the amount of financial help the colleges grant to the student.  Obviously, we consider that the English student has become fluent in speaking and writing by the end of our six-level program.  A shortcut to completing the entire iTTi English program is to take the final test to each level.   

University Relations

This will be proof that the student completed the program, too.  If the student is extremely advanced and just needs a few additional class hours, he/she can take our proficiency test which is the equivalent to the TOEFL/IELTS.As a service to all those students who elected our English program, we will assist them with getting into a U.S. college.  It goes without saying that the student must have the required educational background from their own country.