Show off your TEFL/TESOL Credentials
With Digital Badges

What Are Digital Badges?

Digital badges (also known as open badges or digital credentials) allow you to showcase your achievements and receive recognition for them. In offering digital badges, iTTi School of English makes it possible to share your certification through social networks. This is not only an opportunity to show your network that you have successfully passed your EXIN ??? exam, but it also shows potential employers the new skills you have attained and their validity. Each iTTi School of English digital badge available on Acclaim is associated with an iTTi certification. 

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The badges contain details about the certification and the knowledge that you acquired in order to pass the exam.  It tells your entire certification and training story. Because digital badges allow employers to easily see the full picture of your accomplishments, including verifiable skills and achievements, they are becoming the new standard in training and certification and the future of e-learning.

If you have already got certified with iTTi School of English, you may be entitled to a digital badge. To find out, email us.


Certification to the Next Level with Badging

Digital badges are the online equivalent of a certificate. You can share them directly on your feed on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, or add them to the “Licenses & Certifications” section of your LinkedIn profile. You can also share your Acclaim profile, a place where all your badges are stored. All iTTi’s badges are connected to a candidate’s personal profile. Only if a candidate has attained an iTTi School of English certification, will they be able to claim the associated digital credential. The information on each badge includes details about the issuer(s), the validity terms, and details about the certification itself.   All of this can then be traced to Acclaim as the issuer.

All information stored on Credly’s Acclaim platform is GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. Plus, users can always control whether they want to make their profiles, or badges, public or not or to share their information with any third parties.

iTTi School of English is excited to partner with Credly, a leader in digital badging, to offer this innovative, new credential to the TEFL/TESOL world around the globe. Now iTTi graduates can collect, showcase, and share their accomplishments using digital badges on Credly’s Acclaim platform. 

Share Your Credentials Everywhere Employers Are Looking

Ready to market yourself as a highly qualified teacher? You can easily add your badges in key locations visible to employers, including:

• your social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
• your resume
• your email signature 

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You will gain full access so the most important job portals to start applying for jobs related to your skills right away!

Our English Proficiency

iTTi SoE Certificate of Novice high level English A-1
iTTi SoE Certificate of Novice high level English A-2
Badge-Certificate of intermediate high level english
Badge-Certificate of advanced low level english
iTTi SoE Certificate of advanced high level english - C1
ITTi SoE Certificate of superior level english - C2

Step #1

Create your Acclaim account
When you complete your course, you’ll receive an email with a notification to claim your badge. If it’s your first badge, you will create your Acclaim account via the link in the email.

Step #2

Claim your badge
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Step #3

Share your badge!
Once you accept your badge, you can explore options to share it, including adding the badge on social media, embedding it in your email signature, and more!

Most frequent questions and answers


Digital badges are dynamic, visual representations of the credentials you’ve earned. Each of the digital badges you see on this page represents an iTTi TEFL/TESOL certification course, specialization, or other form of professional development that we offer. Because they’re digital, these badges can provide a detailed picture of your training and accomplishments with just a click, offering more information than a traditional credential, such as a certificate.

Your TEFL/TESOL certificate provides a basic summary of your accomplishments and will show employers the total hours of certification you’ve completed and a list of the different courses you’ve taken. The certificate may also include the course transcripts. Digital badges, however, provide a deeper, more detailed description of each of your individual trainings and accomplishments, including: • The learning objectives you had to meet to earn the badge • Evidence that you completed those objectives (such as key assignments) • Your core competencies • iTTi’s standards and accreditation, including a list of accreditation, association and members.

Digital badges allow employers to get a more detailed look at your accomplishments. With a simple click on the unique URL for any of your digital badges, an employer can get a deeper look at what was involved in the iTTi TEFL/TESOL courses you completed. You can collect digital badges, or “stack” them, to highlight your commitment to ongoing professional development. You can share your digital badges in a variety of places, to make your accomplishments more visible to employers when you’re job seeking.

You can easily display and share your digital badges to employers in a variety of key places, such as your:
• Resume
• Social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
• Email signature
• Job Portals

This is the 3-step process to access your digital badges:

1. When you complete your iTTi course, you’ll receive an email with a notification to claim your badge. If it’s your first badge, you’ll be able to create your account in the Acclaim platform via a link in the email.
2. Within your Acclaim account, you’ll see the option to accept your badge. You’ll be able to update the settings to choose whether to make your badge public.
3. Once you accept your badge, you can explore options to share your badge, including adding on social media, embedding in email, and more!

No. Just like your iTTi TEFL/TESOL certification, digital badges never expire! The badges you earn will remain accessible to you indefinitely and you can always continue stacking badges as you complete additional professional development with iTTi.

You don’t need to do anything special to earn a digital badge through iTTi– you’ll be able to access a unique badge for every iTTi course you take anywhere in the world! Make sure that your center and your instructor have got iTTi Badges themselves for iTTi Endorsed Teacher, iTTi Single City License….
We’ll provide you with the instructions to access and start sharing your badge when you complete your course.

Now with iTTi Badges, your certificate becomes available immediately. You should definitely benefit from this feature and avoid future postage costs unless you are required to present a hard-copy certificate with original signatures. For original copy, please email us at info@internationaltefltraininginstitute.com

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